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Research and Markets: The Future of Construction in Malaysia to 2015

Research and Markets (
has announced the addition of the “The Future of Construction in Malaysia to 2015” report to their offering.

This report is the result of WMI’s extensive market and company research covering the Malaysian construction Industry. It provides detailed analysis of both historic and forecast construction industry values, at market and category level, analysis of the leading companies in the industry, and a review of major news.


  • Top level overview of the Malaysian construction industry
  • Current, historic and forecast value and trends of the individual markets and categories supported by detailed description of individual markets in the industry.
  • Details of top construction companies in Malaysia
  • News analysis


  • Historical value of construction industry for 2006-10 and forecast figures for 2010-15
  • Supporting text on individual markets and values for categories for 2006-10 and forecasts till 2015 Profiles of top construction companies in Malaysia
  • Important industry news

Reasons To Buy

  • Gain insight on the Malaysian construction industry with current, historic and forecast figures
  • Gain insights into current, historic and forecast industry figures at individual market and category level
  • Identify top construction industry players in Malaysia along with profiles of all those companies
  • News summary

Key Highlights

The Malaysian construction industry registered a growth of 14.2% in 2010, largely as a result of stimulus packages introduced by the
government to revive economic growth. The Malaysian government allocated these incentives between various industries in 2009 to avoid a sharp rise in unemployment and a consequent fall in consumer confidence in the uncertain economic environment. The funds allocated for infrastructure were largely routed towards strengthening Malaysia’s rural infrastructure and developing the nationwide communications infrastructure. The government plans to make Malaysia a knowledge-rich economy and has invested in enhancing broadband connectivity across the country. The government has also launched initiatives such as Private Finance Initiatives (PFI) through which it will financially encourage private sector operators to take up public-sector projects. These steps
were taken to bring higher levels of efficiency, professionalism and expertise into government projects.

Key Topics Covered:

1 Introduction

1.1 What is this Report About?

1.2 Definitions

1.3 Summary Methodology

2 Executive Summary

3 Construction Industry Analysis

3.1 Construction Industry Overview

3.2 Industry Dynamics

4 Construction Industry Data

4.1 Historic Industry Value

4.2 Historic Industry Segmentation

4.3 Industry Value Forecast

4.4 Industry Segmentation Forecast

5 Construction Industry: Market Analysis

5.1 Commercial Construction Market Analysis

5.2 Commercial Construction: Category Analysis

5.3 Industrial Construction Market Analysis

5.4 Industrial Construction: Category Analysis

5.5 Infrastructure Construction Market Analysis

5.6 Infrastructure Construction: Category Analysis

5.7 Institutional Construction Market Analysis

5.8 Institutional Construction: Category Analysis

5.9 Residential Construction Market Analysis

5.10 Residential Construction: Category Analysis

6 Company Profile: YTL Corporation Bhd

6.1 YTL Corporation Bhd – Company Overview

6.2 YTL Corporation Bhd – Business Description

6.3 YTL Corporation Bhd – Main Products and Services

6.4 YTL Corporation Bhd – History

6.5 YTL Corporation Bhd – SWOT Analysis

6.6 YTL Corporation Bhd – Company Information

7 Company Profile: Boustead Holdings Bhd

7.1 Boustead Holdings Bhd – Company Overview

7.2 Boustead Holdings Bhd – Business Description

7.3 Boustead Holdings Bhd – Main Products and Services

7.4 Boustead Holdings Bhd – History

7.5 Boustead Holdings Bhd – Company Information

8 Company Profile: WCT Bhd

8.1 WCT Bhd Company Overview

8.2 WCT Bhd – Business Description

8.3 WCT Bhd – Main Services

8.4 WCT Bhd – History

8.5 WCT Bhd – SWOT Analysis

8.6 WCT Bhd – Company Information

9 Company Profile: IJM Corporation Bhd

9.1 IJM Corporation Bhd Company Overview

9.2 IJM Corporation Bhd – Business Description

9.3 IJM Corporation Bhd – Main Products and Services

9.4 IJM Corporation Bhd – History

9.5 IJM Corporation Bhd – Company Information

10 Company Profile: Gamuda Bhd

10.1 Gamuda Bhd Company Overview

10.2 Gamuda Bhd – Business Description

10.3 Gamuda Bhd – Main Products and Services

10.4 Gamuda Bhd – History

10.5 Gamuda Bhd – Company Information

11 Annual Review

12 Appendix

Companies Mentioned:

  • YTL Corporation Bhd
  • Boustead Holdings Bhd
  • WCT Bhd
  • IJM Corporation Bhd
  • Gamuda Bhd

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